My entry for the "GameArtisans Mini3D: 1 out of 6" challenge. I collaborated with my friend Sueann Williams (www.holge.net). She did the concept, I did the model and texture. 1190 triangles. 512x512 diffuse.

Fat Pirate man

A british colonial style explorer. One of the first lowpoly models I did. 1600 tris and a 512x512 texture map with alphas.

Zombies made for the Tall Chair Inc iPhone game "Cowboys vs Zombies". Each is 800 tris and uses a 512x512 map.

"Couch Potato" - A boss monster for an unannounced web game by Tall Chair Inc.
1500 tris, 256x256 hand painted texture map. About 7 hours of work, not including time spent on concept art.


This is a collection of different lowpoly assets and characters I’ve made. The specs are intended for handheld consoles like the iPhone and Nintendo DS and as such I’m constrained to just a few 100 or 1000 polygons and very small texture maps that only show color. No spec or bump or any of that fancy stuff.

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